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man in park with golden retriever on leash looking at camera

Carefree Pet Living in Brookhaven, GA

Pet Paradise

When looking for an apartment, there’s a lot to think about: location, features, and amenities. As a pet parent, it doesn’t stop there. You have to factor in all of the pet pampering capabilities apartments can offer for your best friend. That is why at Oleander, not only do we strive to meet your expectations, we go above and beyond to make certain you and your pet live in complete bliss.

Put yourself in your pet’s paws. What do you see? At Oleander, you would see delicious treats, a luxury pet spa, and a private pet park. We take care of our furry friends. The moment your pet struts through our lobby, our team is there to greet them with a biscuit tasting. When your pet is bursting with energy, we have a private pet park to use at their disposal. And after a day running and rolling around, our pet spa is open for a wash. Essentially, our pet amenities were thoughtfully designed with spaces to roam and baths to refresh because their experience is just as important to us as yours is.

Run Freely & Bathe in Luxury

Most pets require a good deal of movement and fresh air to keep them active and healthy. Our private pet park provides a fine opportunity for your pet to relieve their restlessness and roam around to do their business. Perhaps, they’ll even find a new friend to socialize with. For pet owners, one of the best ways to meet your neighbors is through puppy play dates. Luckily, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.

Embark on a wonderful bonding experience by showering your pet with all your love and a paw-some bath. Imagine how your pet will feel while you’re bathing them in refreshingly cool water and bubbly soap. When your pal is done splashing around in the water, take them over to the drying station for a good old fluffing. Finish up with a soothing comb through of their freshly washed fur.

As a pet parent, you can be assured that our spectacular pet spa was designed with all the utilities needed for you to pamper your best friend. From dog washing stations to hair dryers, dog treats to fluffed up towels, your pal will rise from the bubbles with the freshest fur.

If your pet requires extra services, do not fret. The Brookhaven Animal Hospital is only a 15-minute drive away. They are open Monday through Saturday and are able to assist you with any special care your pet may need. Scheduling a check-up, every now and then is a great way to keep a record of your pet’s health. From physical exams to dental care, vaccinations to behavior counseling, the animal hospital offers all the services to keep your best friend happy.

When looking for pet-friendly apartments in Brookhaven, you might discover a laundry list of buildings that will allow you to live with your pet. But at Oleander, we take pet care to the next level by offering state-of-the-art pet-loving services. Schedule a tour today to learn more.

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